The team of SPORTSNET Social Network Sports and Events, SL, CIF: B-86828209 (hereinafter, "SPORTSNET") with registered office at Paseo de la Castellana, 163, 5ºD, 28046 Madrid, thanks you for your interest in being part of the sports social club SPORTSNET. Now, in order to register and join our community and access its services, it is necessary to perfectly detail certain elements, including these Terms of Use (hereinafter the "Terms"), as well as our Privacy Policy, which you can access through this link

Please, READ ATTENTIVELY THE FOLLOWING CLAUSES FROM OUR TERMS, as they are of binding nature regarding the use and enjoyment of our website, as well as services provided by SPORTSNET, content, applications and other functions related thereto.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, please note that the access to certain content and use of certain services or products may be subject to particular Terms, which, depending on the case, shall substitute, complete and/or modify these Terms of Use of SPORTSNET, and in case of conflict, the terms of the particular Terms shall prevail over those stipulated in the Terms of Use.


1.1. SPORTSNET is defined as a private social platform, which operates through its website, as well as through applications designed for this purpose for mobiles, tablets or other devices, whose purpose and area of interest focus on facilitating the contact and relations amongst Users with related sports hobbies.

1.2. In addition, within the SPORTSNET’s platform you can find services and content different from Users’ profiles which, in some cases, may require a prior-to-registration payment for such services. The services offered within SPORTSNET shall be governed by their specific terms, which must be analyzed by the Users at the time of the registration and throughout the use of the service.

1.3. Similarly, in SPORTSNET, you can find profiles of companies that organize events or sports activities, which can interact with the User and offer their activities and products through SPORTSNET. For the purchase of goods or services within the profiles of these companies we advised you to read the Reservations and Payments carefully, as well as the specific Terms of each of the companies.


2.1. SPORTSNET provides the content presented on its website and through its mobile application, subject to acceptance of these Terms. It is therefore not possible to use any of the products that form SPORTSNET without considering explicit acceptance of the Terms described herein.

1.2. In addition, within the SPORTSNET’s platform you can find services and content different from Users’ profiles which, in some cases, may require a prior-to-registration payment for such services. The services offered within SPORTSNET shall be governed by their specific terms, which must be analyzed by the Users at the time of the registration and throughout the use of the service.

2.2. It is considered that, checking the box appearing at the end of the Registration Form of the User implies acceptance of the Terms in its latest updated version, as well as of the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy as an integral part of these Terms.


3.1. In order to access to the content of SPORTSNET a one-time and free registration is required for every User. The User’s registration will lead to access to all content, options and features of the open community of SPORTSNET not including, neither the closed communities nor the payment services which have their own particular Terms

3.2. The User declares to be eighteen (18) years of age or older and that, in any case, is fully trained in accordance with their personal law to access this service and to accept, with full effects, these Terms and any other governing its operation or, in the case of a company or legal person, to be the legal representative or hold authorization. In the event that according to the legislation corresponding to a superior age limit or added requirements for carrying out any acts and/or participate in SPORTSNET, the User agrees to comply with them and, failing that , to abstain from the use of the network or services involved under their own responsibility.

3.3. Each User agrees to only have one registration as such in SPORTSNET.

3.4. The registration will take place through any of the platforms of SPORTSNET, without prejudice to any other means that could be provided or arranged for this purpose. To successfully complete the registration, the User must provide and fill in the required information, including such elements, among others, the name, date of birth, etc. Some of the information requested shall be voluntary, while others must necessarily be filled in order to complete the registration (those that are indicated with an asterisk). The User shall be solely responsible for the validity, veracity and authenticity of the data entered through the registry.

3.5. The registration will also be possible through social networks owned by third parties, such as but not limited to, Facebook. To do this, the User will provide SPORTSNET information previously provided to that social network. In any case, the details and information attached to the social network may be modified, extended or reduced through the User’s profile of SPORTSNET.

3.6. Once the registration is completed, they can access to identify themselves in SPORTSNET specifying the email indicated through said registration and the password selected by the User, or through the data required by the social network for access and identification.

3.7. In the event that a registration process is not properly completed, because the User has not provided the necessary data, or not accepted these Terms, the Privacy Policy or any other agreement whose express acceptance is necessary, SPORTSNET shall proceed to delete the data that had been entered within 30 days. Users are informed that the data will not be deleted immediately.

3.8. Also, SPORTSNET reserves the right to remove any User account if they fail to fulfill these Terms, Privacy Policy and the Special Terms, proceeding in the same way to the removal of any data.

3.9. SPORTSNET disclaims any liability related to the real identity of any User, whether or not registered, as the confirmation, case by case, of the identity of each User accessing any of the products belonging to the SPORTSNET’s platform is impossible to perform. Therefore, each User is solely responsible for confirming the identity of other Users of SPORTSNET if they want to interact with each other through any means, either limited or not to the SPORTSNET`s platform itself.

3.10. To use the service, the User must use the User’s code and password chosen at the time of registration as a User (“Key"). The User agrees not to disclose the information of their account, nor their keys, to third parties. Users are solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of their account, and all activities that occur through their account, and agree to notify SPORTSNET immediately about any security breach in their account. SPORTSNET will not be held liable for any loss or damage arising from unauthorized use of your account.

3.11. Each User is responsible for the lawful use of their SPORTSNET account, setting up appropriate measures to prevent fraudulent or unauthorized use of said User account. In the event that a User suspects of an unauthorized use of their SPORTSNET account without their consent, they must report as soon as possible to the SPORTSNET team through the following email address

If you detect an unauthorized or fraudulent use of a User account, SPORTSNET may proceed to cancel and remove it.


4.1. As a SPORTSNET User, you can send invitations to others to join SPORTSNET and/or your network of contacts and friends, for which you need to provide your email account. SPORTSNET will store this information and will be you who will answer before the invited person if there is any complaint against SPORTSNET.

4.2. To make this process easier, Users who wish to may find their contacts and friends by authorizing the synchronization with the contacts list existing on their device in order to more easily find their friends and contacts and be able to send them an invitation to join SPORTSNET. They can also enter the User’s email manually and add them directly to their SPORTSNET’s network.

4.3. Remember that any use given to the data from third parties when using SPORTSNET and, in particular, its invitation service and synchronization of contacts data, is your sole responsibility, keeping SPORTSNET unscathed to the extent it acts as a mere intermediary.


5.1. The User grants to SPORTSNET, free and non - exclusive, unrestricted right to use all the content generated or uploaded by any User, as well as that that is passed on, stored and published, through the services of SPORTSNET. Therefore, SPORTSNET has the right to use, through whatever means, such material, either as part of the SPORTSNET platform, or like any other activity carried out by SPORTSNET or companies or associates. This would also include the right to make changes deemed relevant in such content, unless they could prejudice in any way the interests of the User who has generated such content. In addition, the User shall condone, with the legally established limits, any intellectual property applicable, except those that are unwaiverable.

5.2. SPORTSNET declines all responsibility concerning the content created by Users and the accuracy of it.

5.3. With no prior warning, SPORTSNET may proceed to remove any content created by Users, notwithstanding that SPORTSNET notifies the User of such action, and takes the measures it deems appropriate for noncompliance, where appropriate, of the Terms, as it is envisaged in the SEVENTH Clause.


6.1. Access to the platform of SPORTSNET supposes the enjoyment of content ("Content") formed, among others, by software, text, graphics, images, photographs, phonographic material, audiovisual, data, images, designs or brands. The Content is owned by SPORTSNET or, failing that, is owned by third parties that have granted SPORTSNET authorizations and assignments required for its use.

6.2. Unauthorized use of Content constitutes an infringement and violation of the rights of intellectual, industrial property and those corresponding. The User will not have any rights over the Content, beyond those expressed in these Terms, as well as those that emerge from the use of the functionalities of the SPORTSNET’s platform, not being authorized any other use not covered in those described.

6.3. The sale, transfer, license, sublicense or cession of the Content as well as its modification, reproduction, public communication, distribution, or any use of the Content for commercial purposes, beyond any of the uses provided by SPORTSNET are expressly prohibited. In case of violation and breach by a User of any of the prohibitions contained herein, SPORTSNET reserves the right to proceed to the cancellation of said User account.

6.4. Using SPORTSNET's own features, and content, will be for personal and private purposes, being excluded commercial use, unless express approval by SPORTSNET.


7.1. Every SPORTSNET User must comply with the following obligations:

- Keep your personal information, provided through the User’s registration process, duly updated and completed, ensuring its accuracy and authenticity.
- Have appropriate authorizations and licenses over the contents you publish, transmit, distribute or make available through SPORTSNET. The User, to that effect, ensures that any content set through SPORTSNET is of their ownership, or that they have the rights required for such dissemination, either through the mandatory permit, license, concession or prior express authorization. Especially, SPORTSNET’s Users ensure compliance and due respect for the rights of intellectual, industrial property and image rights that may be flaunt by third parties, being the Users themselves solely responsible for the illicit use of any of them.
- No User may disseminate, spread, host or distribute, through SPORTSNET, any content that has an offensive, racist, sexist, violent, discriminatory, or which would qualify in any case as illegal, contrary or inappropriate to morality. In any case, the qualification of any content disseminated by Users through its platform, as required, is subject to the exclusive power of SPORTSNET. SPORTSNET will remove these contents from the platform and fine the User that spreads, transmits, distributes, or houses it.
- Users cannot use the SPORTSNET service to collect personal data of other Users or to transmit material for advertising or promotional purposes, including spam, chain emails or the like.
- - Users shall refrain from carrying out any behavior or action designed to interfere, in any way, the correct functioning of the SPORTSNET platform, both in its software and hardware, especially through cyber attacks, hacking, any type viruses, Trojans or computer codes with similar purposes.

Every User is solely responsible for the information or content entered by them within SPORTSNET, in accordance with the above specifications.

7.2. The User must answer, and be accountable to SPORTSNET; in those cases where the SPORTSNET’s platform had been used in such a way the rights held by third parties were infringed, especially in relation to the material uploaded by Users. In this way, and if in case of any complaint by third parties due to the infringement of their rights, the User whose actions have given rise to such claims, will be solely responsible for responding financially against damages, as well as against any other expenses that might arise as a result of such claim. Notwithstanding the foregoing, SPORTSNET reserves, among others, the use of sanctions referred to in paragraph 7.4 against the User in question.

7.3. SPORTSNET reserves the right to request, at any time, accreditation by any means it deems appropriate, age, legitimation or representation of the User, as well as ownership and rights, including authorizations, licenses or contracts corresponding to the content they enter or spread in SPORTSNET.

7.4. If a User fails to comply with any of the obligations set forth in the preceding clause or some other of these Terms, SPORTSNET reserves the right to adopt any of the following measures:

- Warn the User.
- Block and/or remove the infringing content
- Disable or temporarily suspend the offender’s User account
- Cancel the User’s account, i.e., disable it irrevocably and indefinitely.

SPORTSNET will carry out any of these options without any notice to the User, but we will try to inform the affected User. Should SPORTSNET choose to cancel the account of a User, this cannot register again.

7.5. Any User who detects a breach of the Terms included in this clause may inform SPORTSNET through so that this takes the appropriate measures it deems necessary.


8.1 Company Profiles constitute the space through which organizations, corporations, companies, associations, clubs and other entities related to the world of sports can register in SPORTSNET in order to promote and offer their services.

Any organization, corporation, company, association or club that accesses SPORTSNET will have to use the specific registration channel for companies, upon request, using a form created for this purpose. Any company using a personal profile or any User who directly or indirectly advertises on a personal profile may be blocked or deleted by the administrator of SPORTSNET. The company with a Company Profile in SPORTSNET, expressly accepts, in addition to the budgeted conditions or privately hired, these Terms of use.

8.2 The reserve, purchase and payment of these activities are detailed in the Terms of Reservation and Payment provided to Users during the process of purchase. SPORTSNET also advises that before making any reservation and payment activity or product Users should be informed of the Special Terms of each company outside SPORTSNET.

8.3. SPORTSNET is not responsible for the content posted by companies through the pages, including the accuracy of the information provided in the offers made.

8.4. Companies can only interact with the User when this consents to follow the profile of the company. From then, SPORTSNET will allow the interaction of both parties. Interactions shall cease to be allowed when the User no longer follows the company.


Besides the features suitable of a social network, SPORTSNET offers its Users the possibility to use payment services managed by third parties and which can be acquired through SPORTSNET. Notwithstanding the foregoing, SPORTSNET is not responsible for the use of such services or for the relationships between Users and the companies that manage them, which shall be governed in any case by the Special Terms to be specified by purchasing each specific service.


10.1. The responsibility for the content lies with those who enter them. In this sense, neither SPORTSNET nor administrators of this web approve, recommend or value the information or services provided by Users individuals or companies involved in SPORTSNET, which does not necessarily reflect their views or imply alone association with SPORTSNET.
SPORTSNET does not guarantee the usefulness or adequacy of such content to an end or situation, and therefore assumes no responsibility for the decisions or actions taken by the User from the previously mentioned information.

10.2. Health Warning: SPORTSNET function is limited to serve as a social platform for Users or between Users, businesses and other services. In this sense, SPORTSNET declines all responsibility that might be generated in the practice of sports activities organized by companies or the use of the services included within SPORTSNET.

To this end, each User shall be solely responsible for proper advice on their health and their suitability for the hiring of other services or the reservation and payment of certain business activities. SPORTSNET disclaims any liability related to the effects that, on the health of any User, could cause the contracting and use of other services foreign to SPORTSNET offered within its platform as well as the hiring activities or use of products offered by other companies within their profiles.

Remember that the special Terms included in each company profile or contracted services must be noted in any case.

10.3. Service Level: SPORTSNET cannot, absolutely, guarantee that their services, features and functions are available at any time and place, or that the software and hardware used are completely free of errors. Likewise, SPORTSNET cannot guarantee fault - free transmission of data through third parties, especially the transmission through telecommunications networks and Internet providers. Therefore, SPORTSNET declines all responsibility related to damage caused to the User as a result of the impossibility of providing any of the services that our platform encompasses.

Users will enjoy the features of SPORTSNET under their own exclusive responsibility and at their own risk, including the use of SPORTSNET platform performed by any hardware device, downloading the material from SPORTSNET as well as from third parties, and using information stored in the SPORTSNET platform.

It is a condition in order to register as a User and access the service to use a personal computer, portable media player, web browser, mobile device or other device that (I) meets the minimum system requirements that the service may establish at any time and (II) is compatible with the system of digital rights management for digital content to which the service has access.

In any case, SPORTSNET is only liable for those damages that the User may suffer as a result of willful or grossly negligent conduct on our part, in relation to access to our platform, the acquisition of any of our products, our services as well as the use of our content, tools and features.

10.4. Third party links from SPORTSNET: Both these Terms and Privacy Policy, refer only to services and products of SPORTSNET, and does not apply to links or to the websites of third parties accessible through SPORTSNET. The destinations of these links are not under the control of SPORTSNET and this is not responsible for the content of any destination websites of a link, or any link contained in a web page that is reached from the application, or any changes or updates to these pages. These links are provided solely to inform the User about the existence of other sources of information on a particular topic and the inclusion of a link does not imply endorsement of the linked website by SPORTSNET. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully read and review the privacy policy and terms of use of each site you visit.


Our privacy policy can be found through the following link forming its content an integral part of these Terms.


12.1. SPORTSNET reserves the right to revise these terms at any time for legal reasons, for technical reasons, changes in the services offered on SPORTSNET or strategic decisions. In that case, we will notify you by posting on the website of SPORTSNET and if after this notification you continue to use and does not request the cancelation as a User, we understand you expressly accept the changes.

12.2. If any clause of these Terms were declared totally or partially invalid or inefficient, such nullity will affect only that clause or the part thereof that is invalid or ineffective, while the remaining Terms remain in effect.


All notifications, requests, demands and other communications to be made by the parties in connection with these Terms shall be in writing and must be sent by certified mailed or bureau fax to the following address; Paseo de la Castellana, 163, 5ºD, 28046 Madrid or to their email address


These conditions are governed by the current applicable Spanish legislation.